In musical pairing, you are essentially assigning a numerical value to the food (FPN – Food Pairing Number) based on the following:

  • Primary Ingredient (Protein)
  • Richness of the Sauce
  • The Weight (Cooking Method)
  • The Heat Index

You then find an equal numerical value in a musical piece (MPN – Musical Pairing Number), which is based on the following:

  • Primary Instruments (Musical Family)
  • Beat
  • Tempo
  • Genre Category

Just remember FPN = MPN and the dish will match perfectly. When you find the musical match to a dish, you will know almost immediately that you got it right.

Sample Musical Pairing: Level 3

The Dish: Grilled Filet of Sole with Lemon garlic alio olio


The Food Pairing Number: 3

  • Protein – FPN 1
  • The Sauce – FPN 1
  • The Cooking Method –Poached – FPN 1
  • The Heat Level – FPN 0

The Musical Pairing Number: 3

  • The Instrument – Violin MPN 1
  • The Beat – Quick MPN 0
  • The Tempo – Quick MPN 0
  • The Baroque Period – MPN 2

Musical Pairing Selection

Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons Op. 8 Allegro “Spring”