Hello.  I’m Barbara Werner.

bwimage2Honestly, I can’t stand the “About the Author” pages of books and websites that tell the reader how wonderful it is to be me. So I thought I would just write you a note instead. This book is the amalgamation of a lifetime of loving food and music.

I have spent most of my life obtaining seemingly unrelated certifications in a wide variety of things. Yes, I have my culinary degree, I am an author, I have my manicuring license, and my tattoo license, I am certified in reflexology and trained in canine massage among other things.  I like to say I am a Renaissance woman, but mostly I could never make up my mind.

I discovered the basic formula for Musical Pairing by accident.  I’ve always loved dining out and after my divorce, ok – my second divorce – I found that I really liked to eat alone – almost as much as I do with company.But I noticed that, when I would dine alone in a restaurant, there would inevitably be the ritual “banging of the plates” as the Maitre D announced that I was a table for one and the bus person would clear any remnant of another person.

Instead of addressing the cacophony of plates, I would put on my headset as soon as I sat down and I listen to my music of choice.  One night, I forgot I had left my headset on. I was distracted because I was having the most spectacular meal of my life.  It was extraordinary!

The flavors were delicious.  The cream was creamier, the spices were never more flavorful.  It was a dish I had eaten a thousand times before, but it had never been this…well…perfect!

And then the track changed! The moment was gone.  Suddenly the food was good – quite good – but not spectacular.

Why had this dish paired so perfectly with one song, and not the other.  I had figured out early on that it is music that will elevate a dish, but not just any music.  It has the be properly paired music.  But what dishes and to what music?

After months of trial and error, I discovered the answer in a simple mathematical formula. Musical Pairing is meant to be a starting point. Once you understand the basic formula, you can add your own preferences and experiences and make it your own.  I hope you enjoy the experience and I hope you will share your experiences with us!

About the Author

Barbara Werner is a classically trained chef who was raised by a long line of cooks and food lovers. Through the application of her simple mathematical formula to both food and music, she can show you how to elevate a good dish to greatness and a great dish to near perfection.