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Musical Pairing

The App

Enjoy musical pairing at every meal and everywhere you go!

This simple, easy-to-use app, allows you to pair music with food and beverages, to make a good dish great and a great dish perfect – any dish, anytime, anywhere. Experience your meal in a whole new way.






shows 93% of statistical significance demonstrating that mathematically paired music and food results in an elevated dinning experience.

Our proof-of-concept research published in Advances in Nutrition and Food Technology, explains how 67 respondents of various ages and genders were evaluated to assess the influence of various types of music on the enjoyment of their meal, and the findings proving the method!

Oct. ’17: US Patent Received



Patent Awarded

Nearly three years since the original application USPTO awarded Musical Pairing a US Patent protecting the application of the MP Method to a mechanism or device.

Our musical pairing method that elevates dining by correlating music and food, has been awarded a US Patent!The pairing is accomplished by assigning a numerical value to specific components of food and/or beverages, then allocating a musical piece of equal value to that food. This information is then transmitted via computer or device. Chef and author Barbara Werner formulated this methodology to help individuals elevate their dining experience.

Musical Pairing Mathematical Method





The Art

of Harmonizing Music to Your Meal

Musical Pairing teaches you, in simple steps, how to elevate a good dish to greatness and a great dish to near perfection. By properly pairing music to your food using this easy mathematical formula, you can transform a dish and bring any meal into perfect harmony.

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The Perfect Harmony

Trying this with #Tobykeith and it’s a perfect pairing. #musicalpairing #eatdrinklosten https://t.co/vrLeB56hRS

We like hashtags bc they look like waffles # 🙌🏼TODAY’S BREAKFASTS: red velvet, green tea,… https://t.co/Ou7WxnwGtE

Try eating Pan fried crusty #Scrapple with Jumpin Jumpin by Destiny’s Child. Piping hot and Crazy good!… https://t.co/lbfA9fm6NK

Buttermilk pancakes with Alaskan birch syrup and cruise by Florida Georgia line. #musicalpairing… https://t.co/Mbn88SR6M0

Double yolk eggs! Good luck start to an awesome New Year!! #musicalpairing #newyearslgoodluck https://t.co/jzZ9apBcGg

Asparagus and spinach stuffed chicken breast fully cooked in 20 minutes? I am loving #Costco and #musicalpairing https://t.co/wSWokp5rPX

This is what u get when an Italian woman spends New Years Eve with a Southern gentleman. Sausage lasagne and colla… https://t.co/5OJbjTUYJS

Musical Pairing a Baked ham a roaring fire, snow outside and Jose Feliciano singing Feliz navidad!… https://t.co/fISPO9FWKD

Christmas Eve making cream puffs for the 7 swans a swimming! #musicalpairing with the #12daysofchristmas - off to… https://t.co/LiCj4PsuWs

Christmas Eve making cream puffs for the 7 swans a swimming! #musicalpairing with the #12daysofchristmas - finishe… https://t.co/hyZoxg4fBR

when u r a woman dining alone and ask for a Woodford Reserve Bourbon they serve it to u in a wine glass so it looks… https://t.co/pHC1B1xeUS

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