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shows 93% of statistical significance demonstrating that mathematically paired music and food results in an elevated dinning experience.

Our proof-of-concept research published in Advances in Nutrition and Food Technology, explains how 67 respondents of various ages and genders were evaluated to assess the influence of various types of music on the enjoyment of their meal, and the findings proving the method!

Oct. ’17: US Patent Received



Patent Awarded

Nearly three years since the original application USPTO awarded Musical Pairing a US Patent protecting the application of the MP Method to a mechanism or device.

Our musical pairing method that elevates dining by correlating music and food, has been awarded a US Patent!The pairing is accomplished by assigning a numerical value to specific components of food and/or beverages, then allocating a musical piece of equal value to that food. This information is then transmitted via computer or device. Chef and author Barbara Werner formulated this methodology to help individuals elevate their dining experience.

Musical Pairing Mathematical Method

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